Nuno Lopes

Nuno Lopes

Born in Lisbon in 1978, Nuno Lopes graduated from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School and frequented the Master Class in the École des Maîtres. He also received private lessons from Robert Castle, Susan Batson, Tom Brangle and Wass M. Stevens.

In theatre, Nuno Lopes interpreted texts by such playwrights as Bertolt Brecht, William Shakespeare, Pierre Corneille, Heiner Müller or August Strindberg, and was directed by some of the most important stage directors in Portugal.

In television he was part of the cast of some of the most memorable comedic shows of the last decades. In cinema, Lopes started his work with a small role in “God’s Comedy” by João César Monteiro. Five years later, he collaborated for the first time with José Álvaro Morais in “Moonfish”, working with the director again in 2002, in “Lent”. He also worked with the renowned stage and film director Jorge Silva Melo in “António, Um Rapaz de Lisboa”.

In 2005 he would have one of the most important roles of his career in “Alice” by Marco Martins, a film which premiered at the Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival, as a father who suffers from the disappearance of his daughter and uses all sorts of methods to keep alive the belief that she will be found. This role gave him several accolades from the international critics and awards, including the Shooting Star at the Berlin Film Festival.

Em 2012 he was one of the stars of “Blood of My Blood” by João Canijo and “Lines of Wellington” by Valéria Sarmiento. The following year he starred in “Obsessive Rhythms” by Fanny Ardant.

Selected filmography:
2015 “An Outpost of Progress” by Hugo Vieira da Silva
2015 “Capitão Falcão” by João Leitão
2013 “Obsessive Rhythms” by Fanny Ardant
2012 “Lines of Wellington” by Valeria Sarmiento
2011 “Operation Autumn” by Bruno de Almeida
2011 “Operation Libertad” by Nicolas Wadimoff
2010 “Blood of My Blood” by João Canijo
2008 “Nuit de Chien” by Werner Schroeter (special participation)
2007 “Noise” by Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra (special participation)
2007 “Efeitos Secundários” by Paulo Rebelo
2006 “Olho Negro” by Paolo Marinou Blanco
2006 “Goodnight Irene” by Paolo Marinou Blanco
2004 “Alice” by Marco Martins
2003 “Ma Mère” by Christophe Honoré
2002 “Lent” by José Álvaro de Morais
1999 “Peixe-Lua” by José Álvaro de Morais
1999 “António, Um Rapaz de Lisboa” by Jorge Silva Melo

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