Cast & Crew


Nuno Lopes
Ivo Alexandre
David Caracol
Inês Helena
António Mpinda
José Manuel Mendes
Cleonise Malulo
Domingos Sita
Miguel Delfina (Pagé)

Nuno Lopes
Nuno Lopes →

João de Mattos

Ivo Alexandre
Ivo Alexandre →



Written and directed by HUGO VIEIRA DA SILVA →
Based on the story “An Outpost of Progress” by Joseph Conrad
Produced by Paulo Branco
Production manager Ana Pinhão Moura
First assistente director Pedro Madeira
Sound Pierre Tucat
Cinematography Fernando Lockett
Art direction Isabel Branco
Editing Paulo Mil Homens
Decors João Dourado Santos
Costume design Tânia Franco
Make-up Íris Peleira
Casting Zé G. Pires
Coreography assistant Cláudia Dias
Unit production manager Sofia Carvalho
First assistant camera Inés Duacastella
Key grip Guillermo Saposnik
Sound mixing and editing António Lopes
Foley artist Pascal Maziere
Colorist Marco Amaral

Production Alfama Films
In co-production with Leopardo Filmes
Executive production República Filmes
With the support of RTP and ICA

Filmed in Congo River, Soyo, Porto do Pinda, Porto Rico and the community of Kimpondo, region of Zaire, Angola.